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$99 SPRING SPECIAL, Headsets, 2 channels + 2 Transmitters

*FREE DELIVERY AREA Eastern Side M1 Coomera to Coolangatta*

15 LED Headphones $9920 Compact Headphones $99

Choice of Two Headphone Styles + 2 Transmitters 

Subject to Availability!

Gold Coast ONLY SPECIAL - $99 Gets 15 headphone + 2 Transmitters - Free delivery

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LED Glow Silent Disco Headphones

Premium Silent Disco Headphones

4 channels of 3D Quality Sound.

Superior, Easy to Clean Surfaces with less hair tangles than competitors Headsets.

Large Glowing LED channel indicator.

Silent disco Events, Parties, Karaoke, Yoga, Fitness Classes.

Standard transmitter or included.

Microphone transmitter optional extra.

Available for hire and to purchase.

Voice & Music Mixing  Transmitter with Microphone

Voice & music microphone transmitter


This Super Portable Transmitter, automatically mixes the voice over mic and music in the palm of your hand.

Speak directly to the group through to wireless headphone with a melody playing in the background.

Connecting to a smart phone to play your music from an app and talk through the mic at the same time.

Works with both Pro-Gen and LED wireless headphones.

Pro Gen – Group Wireless Headphones

Silent Safaris Group Touring Headphones

2 channels.

 Compact comfortable headphones.

Silent parties, trade shows, conferences, kid’s parties, translation, fitness, yoga, school classrooms, TV’s, safety inductions.

Standard transmitter included.

Battery operated transmitters available.

Microphone transmitters optional extra.

Available for hire and to purchase.

Contact us and we will help you tailor a hire package to suit your event