Silent Safaris 4 Wireless Headphones 2 Channels + 2 Tranmitters


4 Kit Wireless Headphone System

  • 4 compact Silent Safaris® Pro-Gen BRONZE wireless headphones, 2 channels (40mm Mylar speakers)
  • 2 x 2 channel Rechargeable Go Anywhere Battery Transmitters (transmitting range up to 30 meters)
  • All audio and charging cables, in a neat velvet case, with RCA adaptors included.
  • Extra audio cables so you can use the headphones wired.

This proven Silent Safaris® wireless headphone system is completely rechargeable including the 2 x dual channel transmitters. Easy plug and play system.

Connect to your smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV or audio mixer. All headphones can be used together, or connect each transmitter to 2 different devices. The headphones can switch between both channels.

Great 3D sound for watching Movies or TV shows. Walk all round the house no problem. Perfect for a family of four with a noisy household. Or when travelling…Van life…use in your caravan or motor home to watch TV. If you have a larger family, we also have a 10 headphone kit.

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