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Group Wireless Headphones in Education:

Enhancing Focused Learning in Schools and Universities

Simple and easy to set up and use, Silent Party’s group headphone system can be a valuable resource focusing tool for students your school or university. Group wireless headphones can help improve concentration and engagement, leading to a more effective learning experience.

Silent Safaris™ group wireless headphones in conjuction with our voice over microphone transmitter:

For unlimitted group training settings, the wireless headphone system enables the playback of two audio channels at the same time, making it possible to conduct two classes simultaneously. This feature can be beneficial for group activities in a classroom setting for staff restricted environments.

The headphones come in kits of 10 wireless headphones, two channels for interpreters which can be expanded anytime as needed.

Educator Tools – Microphone & Audio input simultaneously if needed:

Easy to use, no need to worry about complex audio setups. This is a complete, go anywhere group activity plug and play training system. Compact & portable headsets, simple and easy to use.

With Silent Party microphone transmitter you communicate directly with students, keeping them engaged and focused. Add back ground music with the extra audio input on the transmitter.

You have the option to use the microphone alone or connect to a TV,  smartphone or tablet to play audio from an app while you speak.

Silent Party Group Wireless Headphones:

Our on-ear headphones feature soft cushioning and adjustable design for maximum comfort. They are durable and compact, making them easy to store with the included case. Each headset has individual volume control, while the master volume can be adjusted from the presenter headset or the audio source to prevent excessive loudness.

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